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Who Were The Nephilim by David J. Gonzalez


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David Gonzalez brings Biblical and theological clarity to the question about the identity of the Nephilim. It is vital to accurately interpret the Bible and not get sidetracked by strange theories. If you want to know who the Nephilim were, read this book. ~ Evangelist Daniel King King Ministries, Tulsa, Oklahoma

It is elementary! Pastor David Gonzalez has given us the truth regarding Nephilim … Angels, Giants, or Men … forty easy to understand facts. A must read! ~ Susan Sutton – widow of Prophetic Teacher & Book of Revelation Expert, Dr. Hilton Sutton Houston, Texas

There is Reality (perception), there is Fact (satisfies our mind), Then there is Truth (inspired from God) Pastor David hits this one out of the park. Bible interpreting the Bible. Just the Truth. ~ Rev Roy Averill Ram Ministries, Delafield, Wisconsin

For years people have been mystified by the teaching of angels and their physical interaction with man. Pastor Gonzalez has produced an excellent resource that should be studied by everyone. ~ Dr. Larry Ollison Larry Ollison Ministries, Osage Beach, Missouri

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