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There Are No Space Aliens 2nd Edition – by David J. Gonzalez


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For 6,000 years mankind has entertained explanations and stories for all kinds of unexplainable phenomena. Space alien mysticism has been around for thousands of years, but only in the past century has it gained acceptance and notoriety as a form of entertainment. However, space aliens do not and cannot exist.

Alien theories now abound in books, movies, academia, and even in Christianity. This book will remove all the doom, gloom and worry, surrounding the deception of space aliens visiting us or living elsewhere in the universe. As you read this book, “There Are No Space Aliens! 2nd Edition”, you will develop a profound new respect for man’s vast imagination and creative story telling.

The Bible and Science can adequately explain away space alien theories. Unfortunately, the overwhelming body of space alien folklore has transitioned into a pseudo-science that has captured the imaginations and belief systems of many people.

Today alien theories have caused the reasoning capacity of many to be “beamed up” and out of reality. The process of developing enough faith to believe in space aliens, apart from real science, is just that, faith. One phrase I would like to share with anyone that goes to see any good sci-fi space flick is this, “Don’t check your brain in at the door!”.

You may fully believe in space aliens or know someone who does. You yourself might be puzzled by space alien folklore. However, as your intellect wraps its thoughts around the most basic truths found in this book, you will see these theories quickly dissipate.

You’ll find this book to be a fascinating study, filled with science and scripture. Discover in this book, “There Are No Space Aliens! 2nd Edition”, that both science and Scripture easily disarm the validity of any theories concerning the existence of space aliens.

An Unbiased Review by Patricia DL:
The definitive title, of the book There Are No Space Aliens! by David J Gonzalez, leaves no doubt as to the author’s position in regards to possible life in outer space. This timely book addresses the biblical objections to the theories of alien life that so many are readily willing to place their faith…Read More

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